Today in the city Colma 21.01.2019
Chilean bishops meet Francis a year after the pope's disastrous trip

The church in Chile has lost credibility partly because "of our own sins and crimes that were committed inside this church," said a bishop.

Claim: Ex-Snohomish County Prosecutor Ran Hostile Office

An administrator who worked under recently retired Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe has accused his former boss of presiding over a hostile workplace rife with sexually charged banter.

Asteroid suddenly shows off a comet-like tail - CNET

A smash-up in the asteroid belt may have turned a previously calm and quiet space rock into a splashier kind of celestial object.

Meet the paraplegic rock climber keeping Joshua Tree National Park clean during shutdown

In this high desert enclave, Rand Abbott is a well-known man of action. He’s a paraplegic rock climber; a vocal lightning rod at town hall meetings; and a tireless promoter for the desert landscape an...

Ask Larry: Will My Social Security Retirement Benefit Still Increase If I Stop Working?

Today’s column takes up the effects of not working on benefit amounts, Social Security Administration terminology, the availability of spousal benefits, the availability of widow(er)'s benefits and th...

Oysters play a huge role in keeping the oceans clean — but we're killing up to 90% of them in some areas

Oysters play a large role in keeping the sea clean and full of life. Just one oyster can filter up to 50 gallons (227 liters) of water a day, removing pollutants and chemicals. But the populations of...

Jeanine Pirro Retracts False Claim About Nancy Pelosi Spread In Trump Interview

The Fox News host claimed Pelosi was "partying" in Puerto Rico during the government shutdown, but that was wrong.

Jenna Coleman of "Victoria" Discusses Encounters With Queen Elizabeth, Eventual Departure From Role

It is 1848, and revolution is breaking out across Europe. In Britain, one woman stands between order and chaos: Queen Victoria. Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) stars as the young monarch, facing a crisis t...

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